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le 24/03/2020 à 09:23
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From a fossil perspective, palm trees go back no less than eighty million years in the past to the Cretaceous
Period throughout the times of the dinosaurs.

In case you have simply planted the Trachycarpus fortunei in your garden it's wise to offer it additional protection towards the frost in at the least the primary year.

Planting this plant might be finished the entire year round.

Alchemically, individuals want equal unity with polarity and being complete.

For a very long time, some individuals have related the date palm with the god of sun, Ra and as resurrection figurehead.
Female date palms bear fruit if a male tree is nearby, but not all species bear
fruit that is nice for human consumption. Like many different plants, palms have been threatened by human intervention and exploitation. Human use of palms is as old
or older than human civilization itself, starting with
the cultivation of the date palm by Mesopotamians and different Middle Eastern peoples 5000 years or extra in the past.
Within the height of Egyptian tradition, palm trees had been worshiped by many; an indication of the
significance of palms in historical instances is that they are
talked about more than 30 instances in the Bible. To
be taught extra about widespread bodily traits of different palm species, learn on!
Messages : 71 à 80
Page : 8
Nombre de messages : 6322
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