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Messages : 1631 à 1640
Page : 164
Nombre de messages : 2145
le 22/10/2017 à 04:58
Note : 10/10

I can't consider everything we challenge ourselves with in life
matters. Continuously invested in taking into consideration the different things that
we confront just about every moment has become really
important, as no other woman will probably deal with existence for us.
I feel that people ought to be more grounded. Knowledge is excellent,
however, a lot of everything you think about is so abstract.

Having a cup of coffee is a zen process that brings one back again to the present moment in time.
We need to be more in the here and now, without being stressed by
life and the episodes we deal with each day.
Messages : 1631 à 1640
Page : 164
Nombre de messages : 2145
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